Traveler’s Notebook Listing – Sept 18, 2021

Ever since our first lockdown in March 2020, I have been watching Layle Koncar’s Intro to Traveler’s Notebook series. It was a way for me to stay creative when the world around me was pretty scary. Every Saturday we got together on her YouTube channel and made lists in our TNs (traveler’s notebooks). I haven’t shared any on here yet, but I just created my own YouTube channel and plan to share all of my creations from the last year and a bit on there, and then post my weekly creations here on my website.

These lists were from Layle’s List With me Live on Sept. 18, 2021. The list topics were:

  • What I’m Looking Forward to this Fall
  • Things I Want to Learn
  • Favourite Cereals as a Kid

So here we go!

List 1: What I’m Looking Forward to this Fall

List 1 Products:

  • Traveler’s Notebook is handmade by me! Coming soon to my Etsy shop 🙂
  • Vicki Boutin- Mixed Media 7×10 Paper Pad – This is really old and was probably her first collection
  • Simple Stories- Cozy Days Stickerbook
  • Becky Higgins- roller date stamp
  • Lawn Fawn- Jet Black ink pad
  • Copic marker in YG67
  • Sharpie pen

List 2: Things I Want to Learn

List 2 Products:

List 3: Favourite Childhood Cereals

List 3 Products:

I will post Sept 25th’s lists sometime this week, I still have a few finishing touches to add. Feel free to message me with any questions or comments you have.

Seasonal Card Creations

Good morning, friends! Today I wanted to share with you the first round of holiday cards I made this year. These are all available in my Etsy Shop .

Products used: Lawn Fawn’s Winter Skies stamps and dies, Lawn Fawn’s Stitched Hillside Borders, Distress Oxides, and Stickles.
Products used: Simon Says Stamps’s Ugly Sweater stamps & dies, Darice Wire Fence embossing folder, Lawn Fawn’s Knit Picky paper, Stickles, and Copic Markers.
Products used: Lawn Fawn’s Winter Sparrows stamps & dies, Lawn Fawn’s Cozy Christmas stamps, Distress Oxides, Doodlebug Design’s Hello Assortment Glitter Sprinkles, Stickles, Copic Markers, and the snowflakes are a stencil I borrowed from a friend and I’m not sure of the brand (sorry!)
Products Used: Distress Oxides, Lawn Fawn’s Slimline Forest Border, Lawn Fawn’s Joy to the Woods Stamps, Lawn Fawn Liquid Starsust, and Stickles.
Products used: Stampin’ Up White Christmas stamps, Lawn Fawn’s Stitched Mug Frame & Outside In Stitched Mug dies, acetate, sequins, glitter, the green dot paper was a freebie with a Lawn Fawn order I believe, Simple Stories Sn@p! Wood Basics, Stickles, Nuvo Drops, and Copic Markers.
Products used: Lawn Fawn Winter Otter, Winter Alpaca, Winter Penguin, Winter Narwhal stamps & dies, Simple Stories Sn@p Wood Basics, acetate, glitter, Copic Markers, Stickles, the thin ribbon is from Michaels and comes on a roll with 3 different shades of blue with silver trim.

So… It’s 2020.

Remember that time I made that post about how bad I am at blogging? Yeah, me too, it was like 3 years ago. Fun fact: Right around the time I made that post I started a new job at a bookstore working 5am receiving shifts. This meant my life for the last 3 years was going to bed around 8pm and waking up around 3:30am. For 3 years. I wanted to be creative, but I was just always so tired. I made a few things here and there, but usually only when I went to crops, and even then I mostly socialized. I had no real social life, but I LOVED my job. Even tried reviewing books, as you saw.

At the beginning of 2020 I was determined for a fresh start, to take better care of myself, and focus on my health. I even joined a gym you guys. A GYM. I ended up enjoying it. I would go after work or on my days off since I was already awake so early- I went at 5 am when they opened. I was about a month in and 15 lbs down when everything went crazy.

There was new cleaning and social distancing protocols at my work, then temporary layoffs. I was off work for 112 days. When I came back, the company had decided to remove my position (I was a supervisor before shut down), and so I went back to being regular staff in a crazy new world of doing receiving with cleaning everything I touched, social distancing and wearing a mask. Working in receiving while wearing a mask is basically the equivalent of a strenuous workout in a mask. It’s hot and sweaty and at times felt suffocating. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% FOR face masks. I just have a newfound sympathy for anyone who has to wear them while doing any type physical exertion.

I went from basically being a potato for 4 months to working 8 hours shifts right away. As you may or may not know I injured my knee at work about a year and a half ago, and though it hardly bothered me while I was off, I could barely walk by the time I got home from work every day. J and I talked it over and we decided that I would give my notice. It was heartbreaking to me. I loved my job and my store so much, but I couldn’t deal with the pain anymore.

So here I am. Unemployed during a global pandemic. My last shift was 2 months ago, and I am just now slowly starting to get myself into a new routine. I have decided to put all my efforts into making my little craft dream an actual business. I am going to make Etsy my job. Even typing that makes me laugh at myself: ‘Okay, so you quit your favourite job during a global pandemic to start an Etsy store?’ It sounds INSANE. It really does, like I am even embarrassed to say it to people out loud because of how insane it sounds.

I have been spending my time streaming Golden Girls (THANK YOU Prime!!) and reorganizing my craft room so I can see what supplies I have amassed these last few years. I went to my first Covid-era crop at the beginning of October (it was rescheduled from the spring), and I actually made cards! I think I am finally on the right track, but I tell ya, it’s not easy ‘being your own boss’. I still have days that I absolutely regret my decision, but my knee feels so much better and my house is not a constant disaster area so there’s that.

Cropping in a pandemic, 2020

Anywho, if you made it this far: I APPLAUD YOU. Thank you for still caring about what I do, and please consider sticking around. I have lots of things to make and projects to share… maybe even a book review ha ha 🙂

Book Review: I Owe You One – Sophie Kinsella

I Owe You OneI Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was lucky enough to receive this as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) from work 🙂

This book is classic Kinsella: Relatable characters, page-turning story, and ALL the feelings!

Fixie Farr works at the family business, Farrs – a one stop shop for all your household needs, with a unique crew of workers and her Mum, the glue of the family. Her brother (Jake – flashy business man) and sister (Nicole – beautiful but flighty) have never really taken an interest in the shop until their Mum falls ill and decides to take an extended vacation to focus on herself for the first time in years.

Jake decides that Farrs needs new, high end products and clientele, and Nicole decides Farrs needs to hold yoga classes… and Fixie is just trying to keep everyone happy.

One day at a coffee shop Fixie does a favour for a stranger (Sebastian Marlowe), who gratefully scrawls an IOU on a coffee sleeve that would forever change both of their lives.

This book was fantastic and kept me up reading well past my bedtime on several occasions. I can’t wait until its release on February 19, 2019, I will absolutely recommend to customers!

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Book Review: A Year and a Day of Everyday Witchcraft

Happy Fall, friends!

After a few months of recharging after my last job, I have found myself working back at my favourite job ever: a bookstore.  Since my return, I have been introduced to some amazing stories, met some talented authors, and have been given the opportunity to review some titles before they are released! Seriously guys, I’m in Book Nerd Heaven!

Since October is my favourite month of the year, I decided to start with something a little Witchy for my first review:

Title: A Year and a Day of Everyday Witchcraft: 366 Ways to Witchify Your Life
Author: Deborah Blake
ISBN: 9780738750927
Format: Trade Paperback, 408 Pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Section: Non-Fiction (Adult), Religion & Spirituality

If you know me, you know that I am not an e-reader type of gal, I like to have a physical copy of a book in my hands when I read. This was an advance copy sent to me digitally, and I read it using the Kindle App on my iPhone.  That being said, I feel I should disclose that I did not read the entire copy at the time of originally publishing this blog post. I read the month of January, and then stopped.

Aside from the aforementioned aversion to e-reading, the other reason was that I loved the first month SO MUCH, that I didn’t want to plow through and not have anything to look forward to each morning of 2018. I intend to update this post at some point in the future, when I have my own physical copy in my hands and have had a chance to complete some more of the daily activities.

This book is a great way to dip your toes in to the fascinating world of witchcraft. Heck, I’m sure it would be great for more advanced witches who are looking for a bit of extra daily practice too! Each day presents you with a bit of fascinating knowledge, and a related activity for you to complete. Don’t freak out, this isn’t like stressy homework or anything. It’s little ways to help connect with or improve yourself, our beautiful mother earth, or our fellow humans.  It’s not preachy, it’s not heavy, it’s uplifting.

An example of one of my favourite practices so far:

January 26: Ground and Center

“Visualize yourself as a tree sending roots down into the ground and then reaching up to the sun. See the fire from the center of the earth and the fire from the sun meeting in your center as a glowing ball of light that can fuel your magical work or calm your spirit. Sit for a minute and enjoy the sensation, then remember to integrate grounding and centering into your magical work in the future”

As someone who lives with anxiety, this one has come in handy. Grounding is such and amazing thing when you worry.  It gives you a focus and helps to soothe your soul again.

Deborah has a wonderful way of tailoring her passages to both the magically inclined AND the magically curious – because I don’t think I can use ‘Muggle’ here? 😉    I have found through my own dabbling that Witchcraft centers around nature, and not always  the super dark stuff that naysayers would have you believe. It’s peaceful, beautiful, and absolutely intriguing.

Overall I think this book is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a daily project for the new year. It would be a fun way to create content for an instagram account, or even just sharing your thoughts with your fellow (wo)man over other social platforms.  It is well written, creative, and informative – exactly what you would come to expect from a Llewellyn-published book!

A Year and a Day of Everyday Witchcraft is available starting today, October 8, 2017.  To purchase your copy from Indigo, I have linked to it here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!


So. Life happened.

I sit here at my desk on a Sunday morning, after a 13-month hiatus from my blog.  I had all the intentions in the world of being a good blogger, sharing my creations, and parts of my life. But then life happened, and I found myself with no time to focus on my creative pursuits.

Long story short, I ended up with a full-time+ job which I loved, went to Vegas with J to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary, came back to my full-time+ job which turned into a thankless, stressful nightmare, quit said job, which put me in a really dark place for a long time, and now, finally, a creative spark has started to glow.

In June I found out about The Reset Girl‘s Camp Reset, which is basically a virtual summer camp for grown-ups focusing on Self Care.  Hello! JUST WHAT I NEEDED!  It started on July 1, 2017, but you can jump in at any point, while the Camp materials are available (so even if you are interested, but don’t have the time currently, you should sign up and download all the materials while they are available!).

So, over the next few weeks, I will be posting about my Camp experience, as well as any creations that come to fruition. My Etsy shop has a few new items, though I plan to get that stocked up by the end of the summer. I am also in a continuous cycle of sorting through my disaster of a craft room, so I will be posting craft supplies at a huge discount in my Etsy shop as well in the Supplies section.

So thank you for hanging in there, and for checking in with me over the last year+. I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures from our amazing trip to Vegas 🙂

Onward and upward, my crafty fam!



Dinosaur, Lawn Fawn, Handmade, Card

Dinosaur Cards!

Morning crafty peeps!  Today I wanted to share 2 cards that I made over the last week.

Some of the products I used were:

 I had so much fun playing with watercolours!  I have always been so afriad of messing up watercolour, but you really can’t.  It’s s0 easy to blend and gives a great look!

I used my Jet Black ink to stamp the images and then used my Distress Markers and watercolour pens to do the sunset background and all the dinos, leaves, eggs, and rocks.  I used a bit of watercolour on the clouds and then added some Wink of Stella in Silver along the bottoms as they looked too flat with nothing.  I’m so happy with how they turned out 🙂

They are available for purchase in my Etsy Shop while supplies last!

Keep it crafty,

Any links in my posts are just to help you find supplies, I have no affiliation with any company, and receive no compensation from any of the above.  Feel free to click the ads though 😉

Princess Tiana Frog Prince Layout

I went to the Gadget Girls 10th Anniversary Mega Crop in Truro, Nova Scotia back in October 2015, and actually SCRAPBOOKED!  I know, crazy, right? But it’s true!  I actually prepared early and picked out pictures and coordinated paper, the works!  So I am going to show you some of my creations!

This year’s Crafty Crew 🙂

First up is my Princess Tiana layout.  This is a shot taken by my Dad on my wedding day.  My parents have fabulous neighbours with beautiful gardens in their backyard, and Brenda (one of said neighbours) offered up her awesome frog for a picture!  It’s still one of my favourites!

The Tiana paper came from a Disney Paper Pad by EK Success .  The purple and green cardstock are both American Crafts brand.  Though they don’t sell the package I used anymore, it was similar to this.   The Ribbon is SO pretty in person, the picture doesn’t do it justice.  It’s by May Arts.

I created the sentiment using my Laser printer and the new Minc Foil Applicator. This machine is SO easy to use and the foil colours are amazing! I used the Purple for my project.  I also used some dollar store gems and Recollections paper flowers, sequins and brads for accents.

I’m really happy with how this turned out, and even happier that this coming August will be my 10th wedding anniversary to my prince 🙂

Stay Crafty, my friends!


Dec 2015 Pocket Letter Creations

Hello lovelies!  I hope you all had a wonderful winter break, and a fabulous 2016 so far!

I wanted to share 2 Pocket Letters I made and sent out in December 2015.  Both were creating using the Crystal Frost paper pad by Craft Smith, which I purchased at Michael’s.




I love this collection so much! I pulled out my Photo Sleeve Fuse Tool and made the confetti pockets on each one.  I also used my Distress Tim Holtz Minis Inks and Mini Ink Blending Tool-1″ Round, Ranger Stickles, a Martha Stewart Snowflake Punch, and lots of other little goodies I had in my stash.  I forgot how much I enjoy making these!

My plan is to do a purge/reorganization of my craft room and then I can freely start creating again!  In the meantime I plan to post some layouts I did at a crop back in October.

Looking forward to getting crafty with you this year!


There are a few links to some of the products I used in the creation of these letters, feel free to check them out on Amazon and help a gal out 🙂


Bo Bunny Woodland Winter Layout


Happy September, lovelies!  As you may have noticed I took some time off for the summer, but I’m back at it now!  I’d like to say I was super crafty and productive, but I wasn’t at all.  Not even a little bit lol

I did, however, go to my friend’s cottage for a weekend and I actually tried my hand at layouts.  I wanted to share with you one of the layouts I did.  I used Bo Bunny’s Woodland Winter collection. It is one I’ve been hoarding for a while now, and I finally dug out some pictures that I felt worked well with it.

Full layout
These shots were taken at a local park on Oscar’s first New Year’s Day in 2013. It was beautiful and the snow was perfect, and we had such a great time.

I used a little trick taught to me by friend Tracy (aka ScrappyChick101) for the outer border.  The burlap and lace ribbon was SO much fun to use!  I bought it a little while ago at Michael’s, and was just waiting for the perfect project to come along to use it with.

I edged all my paper with Brilliance Pearlescent Chocolate Ink, and used my Tim Holtz Mini Ink Blending Tool to achieve the perfect aged look.


This ‘A Snowy Day’ title sticker is from the cardstock sticker sheet that came with the collection kit.


The small heart with pawprint diecut is a Die-namics die by My Favorite Things called Pet Accents.


The snowflakes are wood veneers (I believe they are Studio Calico) that I coloured with Viva Decor Inka Gold in Champagne.

I hope you enjoyed this creation as much as I enjoyed making it!  I’m really proud of it as it’s the first one I did from my own head (like, not from a kit).  I’m looking forward to Gadget Girls Fall Mega Crop coming  up in a few weeks, where I’ll hopefully be working on more layouts!  What have you been working on?  How was your summer?  Let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful day!