Mandy’s Minis

Where it all began – Updated March 2020

When I was a little girl, we would always visit family out of town at Christmas. The highlight for me would always be going to visit my Uncle and seeing the dollhouse he made for my Aunt. She would have it decorated for Christmas, and my sister and I would peek in the windows and imagine the tiny people who lived there.

That’s me in the green!

Fast forward a couple of decades to a conversation with my Uncle about that dollhouse and how much I loved it. I asked him if they still had it, and he seemed surprised that I even remembered it. He told me it was stored away at the house- “You don’t want it do you?”  Picture me, my inner child LOSING HER MIND: “ABSOLUTELY I DO”.

Sure enough, a couple of weeks later, it was sitting on my kitchen counter. All the furniture, and the Tiffany lights, the tiny crocheted dog. My sister was living out of province at the time, so obviously I sent her an out-of-the-blue text with just a picture of it on my counter. I think she was just as hype as me, and maybe a little jealous 😉

My goal has always been to refurbish it, and decorate it for every season like my Aunt did. I put a lot of work into it when I first got it, but then, as with most of my projects, it got put in another room ‘on hiatus’. It has been nine years since I last worked on it, and I am determined to get it done in 2020.

I mean, it’s not like I haven’t been acquiring tiny pieces to put in it for the last nine years…